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PQ and Harmonic Analysis Study

Our provided Power Quality Analysis Services ensures to identify disturbances produced from the electric utility system or within your facility. We perform power system recreations and power quality analysis for total facility power systems or for individual loads utilising state of the art circuit analysis and imitation software. Our expert engineers will advice lucrative measures to decrease the number and harshness of these disturbances. Deprived power quality can impact production processes and system components, particularly sensitive electronic equipment.


Maximum demand controller

Transient Inrush Current Analysis

Display meter

Mains Monitoring and Mains Analysis

Unbalance - v, i, w

Identifies wiring and grounding improvements

Power & energy

Reduces economic effects of poor power quality

Harmonic Analysis

Solves process disruptions due to power disturbances

Sags and Swells Analysis

Power and Energy Analysis

Recognizes disturbances originating with the electric utility The Analysis of Power Factor, Current, Voltage, Energy (KWH), etc.

Decreases maintenance costs

 Panel Mounted Display Meter is used for such analysis.

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